Sunday, 4 February 2018

The Fateful Week

On Monday Mankind was eclipsed and cowered, frightened for their lives; at the mercy of the tides and from Mani's wrath.

On the Tuesday Tyr felt that Man deserved a second chance and stretched out his hand in good faith only to have it cut off, preserved and pickled as a warning to others.

On the Wednesday it came to pass that Odin visited Earth in the shape of a bull to raze their civilisation to the ground but his gesture was misconceived and slaughtered as a sacrifice.

On the Thursday the Mighty Thor sought to teach the mortals the error of their ways and shouted at the top of his voice but the humans simply hid in terror with fingers in their ears.

On the Friday Frey blessed the world with love and beauty only to die of a yet to be identified venereal disease.

On the Saturday humanity, still high from Frey's blessing, tilled the wrong fields and looked to the heavens for blessing and forgiveness.

On Sunday mankind was bathed in the rays of the Sun for too long, looking directly into its eyes, mistaking the pain for divinity.

“There is no room for God,” man cried at the end, torment wracking its body, “We call for help; ask for a sign, any sign, but we are alone.. forsaken!”