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The magical world of Baby Bear - a children's story

And one day Baby Bear woke up and realised that he could see and hear all the boys and girls who read his stories. And more… he could bring them into the stories as well, where they could have wonderful adventures.

He invited Tommy into his world first; stretched his hand across the magical veil that separated their worlds and beckoned Tommy to join him. At first Tommy was too sad to even acknowledge him but soon he saw the tiny bear’s furry hand and smiled before taking hold of it.

Together they crossed over from Tommy’s world into the world of magical stories where Baby Bear lived. In Tommy’s world it had been a drab day, drizzling with grey, wet rainy rain… but in the world of Baby Bear it was sublime blue skies with candyfloss clouds and a joyful singsong sun, spreading happiness everywhere. Tommy nearly cried with tears of joy at such a sight.

Baby Bear welcomed Tommy into his magical world: “This is the world of magic that borders your world. It is always with you and we are always with you. You need never be sad or upset again. You do get sad sometimes, don’t you?”

“Yes, I do sometimes.” Tommy replied. “I cry and I don’t know why.”
“Are you lonely?” Asked Baby Bear.
“Sometimes I am alone and It upsets me. I can not help but feel sad.” Tommy replied and a tear slid slowly down his cheek.

Baby Bear brushed the tear away with a furry finger and said, “You will never be lonely again. How can you be alone when you are but a heartbeat away from this?” Baby Bear outstretched his furry arms and held them astride. Tommy sniffed and looked around.

They stood in a beautiful wood with tall, tall trees all around them. Each of the trees were mighty and powerful and all grew wide, wide smiles and had wide blinking eyes. Each of the trees surveyed each other and then laughed with such delight that Tommy could not help but laugh with them.

“Why do they laugh?” Asked Tommy.
“Listen as they sing their song and you will understand.” Baby Bear replied.

Whoom Whoom Whoom Shoom Shoom Shoom
We grow tall with the love of the soil
The love of the wind and the love of the sun
We give love because of the sun, because of the soil
Because throughout it all we are as one
We are one because of the wind,
Because of the soil and because of the rain
And because of that love we’ll sing again.

Whoom Whoom Whoom Shoom Shoom Shoom
The water gives us love so we can grow
The sun gives us love so we can show
The wind gives us love moving our branches to and fro
The soil gives us love by letting us know
That we are all one, and that love will never go

Whoom Whoom Whoom Shoom Shoom Shoom
We show our love by growing so strong
Our roots grow so far, so firm and so long
Our branches reach and almost touch the sky
For we are always happy and never ever shy
With all this love around us why ever wonder why?

Whoom Whoom Whoom Shoom Shoom Shoom

Tommy joined in with the Whoom Whooming and clapped when the song was finished. Baby Bear turned to him and said: “Even in your world trees are always happy and sing songs in the wind. It is just you do not know how to listen. You will do now though.”

Baby Bear smiled to Tommy and Tommy smiled back. “Now, how do you show that you are happy and want to share that happiness with others?” Baby Bear asked.

“You hug them?” Tommy ventured forth with his uncertain answer.
“Yes, that’s right.” Baby Bear replied and Tommy smiled with pride. “And trees loved to be hugged and will always hug you back. Why don’t you try it now?”

And Baby Bear showed Tommy what he meant and walked up to the tree and hugged it with much love, for it came so easy to him to show his love, especially to the trees. The tree responded in kind and its branches moved around the baby bear and hugged him back.

Tommy walked up to the nearest tree and placed his arms around its trunk and hugged it. He smelt the rich loam of the bark and felt its soft furry texture on his cheek, and then marvelled when the trees branches hugged him back, very gently but full of love and affection.

Soon the hugs were over and Tommy was left smiling earlobe to earlobe.
“There are always hugs for you and trees will always hug you back; they love their hugs. How can you be alone when you have such trees around you?” Baby Bear asked.
“I don’t know…” Tommy replied.
“You can’t, because we are always with you.”

With that Baby Bear walked with Tommy away from the trees and out of the wood, waving goodbye as they did so. The trees waved goodbye back, singing their Whoom Whoom song.

Soon they reached an open field and a tall hill stood in front of them. The sun smiled down at them and the wind blew kisses at them as they climbed the hill. Both the baby bear and Tommy could not help but smile when they reached the top and sat down on the grassy knoll.

“How can you be unhappy when you are but a heartbeat away from this?” Baby Bear asked and Tommy could only nod in blissful agreement. From afar they could hear distant warblings as a small flock of wondrous Bluebirds flew to them.
“Listen.” Said Baby Bear. “Listen to what they are singing.”

Wirble Whorble Wurble Warble
We float and we flutter and glimmer and glide
We are one with the sky and never need to hide
For we are happy and show it from in to outside

Wirble Whorble Wurble Warble
The sky is our friend and we know we are one
We talk all our warmth and love from the sun
And flying is joyous and such wonderful fun!

Wirble Whorble Wurble Warble
You too can fly and it’s easy to be
Simply close your eyes, grow your own wings and see
Your happiness will guide you and help set you free

Tommy clapped his hands and sung along with the Wurble Warbles. He could see the wonderment of the bluebirds as they flit about around them both, and sang their song in churpy, chirrupy voices. When they finished they gently perched on both their shoulders.

“Would you like to fly too?” Whispered the birds in unison.
“Oh, yes please!” Replied Tommy, so excitedly.
“Close your eyes, allow your wings to grow through your happiness and we shall all fly together!”

Tommy closed his eyes and smiled, and through the smiling he could feel his wings grow. The wings were strong and feathery and lifted him into the sky with Baby Bear flying next to him.

“We’re flying! We’re flying!” Tommy exclaimed delightedly.
“We are!” Said the birds in unison. “And you can fly whenever you want, simply close your eyes and believe. Grow your wings through your happiness and keep you aloft.”

“How can you be unhappy when you can fly like this?” Baby Bear exclaimed and looped the loop in front of Tommy’s excited eyes. Tommy clapped and laughed in delight.

Soon the flying was over and Tommy’s face was now hurting slightly because he had been laughing and smiling so much, but he didn’t mind that at all. Baby Bear led Tommy back to down the other side of the hill after waving goodbye to the birds who waved goodbye back, all the while singing their warbling song.

At the bottom of the hill was a babbling stream and both Baby Bear and Tommy took their shoes and socks off and dangled their feet in the cool water.
“How can you be sad when you are but a breath away from all this?” Baby Bear asked.
“I can’t.” Tommy smiled as he looked around him.
“Now listen as the fish sing you their song.” Baby Bear said as he pointed down to the water. Sure enough there was a shoal of fish that darted around their feet.

Bibble bobble bebble babble
Swimming in the stream is like swimming in love
The water is so cool but there is warmth from above
And whilst in the water we can fly like a dove
How can you be sad when you’re surrounded by love

Bibble bobble bebble babble
We swim and we dash and we swim and we splash
We laugh and we sing as we love everything
And we dart and we shout as we blow water spouts
Life is so fun when we are all one!

Bibble bobble bebble babble
The water surrounds us and we dance and we sing
We love everyone, we love everything
There’s so much to do, so much fun to be had
And with so much to do there’s no time to be sad.

Bibble bobble bebble babble

Tommy laughed and clapped and splashed his feet in time to the song. The fish swam around them and tickled their feet. Then all at once they jumped up and spoke in bits and pieces. Somehow a sentence was formed.
                                Play                                                                        swim
                and                                        us,                          and                                        us!!!
Come                                    with                       come                                     with

Tommy and Baby Bear grinned and laughed and swam with the fish, playing wonderful games in the water with them. Tommy darted and dashed amongst the plants and water weeds, laughing as he did so. How he laughed. Baby Bear swam with him and they raced each other. They had so much fun with the fishes.

When it was over they lie back on the bank of the stream to dry their clothes. They could still hear the fish singing their song as they swam away. “Bibble Bobble Bebble Babble.”

When their clothes had finally dried Baby Bear looked at Tommy and said, “Are you still unhappy?”
“No, I am happy. It is impossible to be unhappy when I’m here.” Tommy replied.
“You know that you can always visit here whenever you are sad, for this wonderful, magical place is but a heartbeat, a breath away.” Baby Bear explained. “Just close your eyes and I will be there. We can fly with the birds or swim with the fishes; or ever sing with the trees!”
“Whoom Whoom Shoom SHooM!” Sang Tommy and Baby Bear laughed with delight at the change in Tommy.

“Now is the time that you must go back, Tommy. I must be there for other boys and girls.” Baby Bear explained.
“I understand.” Replied Tommy. “I know how to be happy now. Thank you, Baby Bear.”

And Baby Bear hugged Tommy and Tommy hugged Baby Bear back.
“Don’t forget that trees love to be hugged too.”
“I won’t forget.” Replied Tommy as he closed his eyes.

When Tommy opened his eyes he was sitting in his bedroom once again. But when it was once drab and grey and drizzling, it was now beautiful blue skies and whispy white clouds. He smiled and he laughed and ran outside.

He could see birds flittering and fluttering and chirruping aloud to their hearts content and Tommy laughed and danced with them singing the whurble warble  song. And then he saw a large oak tree. He ran up to the magnificent tree and walked around it, marvelling at its splendour.

Without further ado he put his arms as far around the trees trunk as they would go (which wasn’t that far) and gave the tree a big hug.

And you know what? The tree hugged him right back.

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noggin said...

lovely my son,this could be the start of a children book of short stories, very inventive and well constructed, and very easy to read, it was great